Today, Wednesday, 9/6/2023, is a scheduled Energy Savings Day. 

All PeakRewards Air Conditioning program participants will be cycled up to 50% from 2 pm – 6 pm on Wednesday, September 6 with air conditioners returning to normal operation within 1 hour of the event. If you would like to override cycling during the Energy Savings Day, please call the customer hotline at 888.309.PEAK (7325).If you are enrolled in the Connected Rewards program, you will have your thermostat raised up to 4 degrees between the hours of 2 pm – 6 pm. While we recommend participating in the full event for maximum savings, you remain in control of your thermostat and can opt out by changing the temperature on your thermostat.  

Learn more about Energy Savings Days here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common PeakRewards FAQs

As of April 1, 2020, PeakRewards participants can only request a decrease in their cycling level. To have your cycling level changed, call the PeakRewards customer hotline 1.888.309.PEAK (7325) Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm (EST). It may take anywhere from 48 hours to one week for your cycling level change to go into effect. Once your cycling level is in effect, your bill credits will be adjusted accordingly for the next bill cycle. Keep in mind, PeakRewards customers cannot change cycling levels during an emergency event or the transition out of an emergency event.

Electricity demand fluctuates constantly due to weather conditions, commercial and industrial business hours and residential electricity usage. During the summer months, demand is usually greater as electricity is used to cool homes and businesses — especially during weekday afternoons when it’s hottest outside. “Peak electric demand” refers to the point of highest electricity use over a certain period of time. Throughout the day, BGE continually monitors electricity demand to ensure reliable delivery and minimize costs. When demand is high, BGE may activate the PeakRewards program.

PeakRewards participants are allowed two overrides during Energy Savings Days each summer. PeakRewards participants may not override an emergency event or the transition out of an emergency event. Additionally, participants may not change cycling levels or exit the program during an emergency event or the transition out of the event.

If you scheduled an override and subsequently an emergency event is called on the day you scheduled your override, the override will be canceled. When the emergency event ends, BGE will transition all air conditioning program customers to a lower cycling level for a brief period of time to avoid sudden increases in electric demand which may cause reliability problems.

Overrides for Energy Savings Days may be scheduled via PeakRewards Online Access or by calling the PeakRewards customer hotline at 1.888.309.PEAK (7325). For more information on cycling events visit, click here.

If you wish to unenroll from the program, simply call the PeakRewards customer hotline at 1.888.309.PEAK (7325) Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm (EST). Keep in mind, once you are removed from the program, credits will no longer be applied to your BGE bill and, as of April 1, 2020, you cannot rejoin the program.

For more questions and information related to PeakRewards, please visit our PeakRewards FAQ page

Common Connected Rewards FAQs

For more questions and information related to Connected Rewards, please visit our Connected Rewards FAQ page

Visit and confirm your eligibility by answering a few questions. Then click the “Enroll Now” button to go to your thermostat’s enrollment site, where you will follow a series of simple steps to enroll. Once BGE confirms your eligibility, you will be enrolled in the program. You will receive a notification on your eligibility status in your account’s registered email.

Send an email to requesting to end your participation in the Connected Rewards program. Unenrolling from the program will end your participation for all enrolled thermostats and you will not receive the annual participation incentive.

Yes! To show our appreciation, we’ll send you a one-time $50 Visa eGift card for each smart thermostat you register and another $50 Visa eGift card per eligible thermostat at the end of each season you participate. You will receive your gift cards at the end of every season from If you have not received your gift card by November 30th, please contact

New enrollment with ecobee thermostats is currently unavailable. Existing customers may still be using ecobee3, ecobee3 Lite, ecobee4, ecobee Smart, ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control.

While we recommend participating in all adjustment events, we understand that life isn’t always predictable. If you need to change the temperature for any reason, easily opt out of any adjustment event by adjusting the temperature from your mobile device, web browser, or thermostat. Opting out will not remove you from Connected Rewards or forfeit your eGift card as long as you participate in a majority of adjustment events.

General FAQ Questions

The PeakRewards program cycles participants’ air conditioning on and off using a professionally installed programmable thermostat or outdoor switch on their air conditioning units during periods of high electricity demand. In exchange for participation, customers receive bill credits every summer (June – September) depending on their cycling participation level (50%, 75% or 100%).

The Connected Rewards program makes brief, limited adjustments of up to 4 degrees on enrolled thermostats during periods of high electricity demand. Typically, adjustment events occur on weekdays during extreme temperatures peak. To help keep you and your family comfortable, events usually won’t occur on weekends or holidays.

You must enroll in Connected Rewards or PeakRewards to participate in these energy-saving programs.

BGE Energy Savings Days are scheduled during periods of high electricity demand. You do not need to enroll in Energy Savings Days to participate. To earn savings, simply use less electricity during the event which typically occurs between 2pm and 6pm on an Energy Savings Day. You will earn $1.25 in bill credits for every kilowatt-hour saved compared to your normal use.

If you reduce usage during an Energy Savings Day and you are enrolled in PeakRewards, you will receive whichever credit is higher for that month. If you participate in Connected Rewards and you reduce your usage during an Energy Savings Day compared to your normal use, you will receive your bill credits for that month and your $50 eGift card at the end of the season.

Connected Rewards participants can experience adjustment events outside of Energy Savings Days.

See the chart below to compare the three programs. Note: If you are a PeakRewards customer and choose to enroll in Connected Rewards, you will no longer receive bill credits through the PeakRewards program, as these are two separate programs. PeakRewards customers can experience cycling events outside of Energy Savings Days for testing and for PJM Events (emergency events).

  PeakRewards Connected Rewards Energy Savings Day
Type of Device A programmable thermostat or a switch on your outdoor air conditioner unit (BGE-owned device) A smart thermostat that controls your central air conditioning (customer-owned device) Any device that uses electricity or controls your home’s temperature
What happens during an adjustment event and/or Energy Savings Day? BGE will cycle your air conditioning on and off for a period of time each hour, based on your participation level BGE will raise the temperature on your thermostat up to 4 degrees Participants reduce their energy use by raising their thermostat temperature and unplugging or delaying the use of electronic devices
What do I receive in exchange for participating? BGE bill credits from June – September

The program is no longer open for new enrollments but existing customers earn $12.50 – $25 per month based on their participation level
A $50 Visa eGift card at enrollment and a $50 annual eGift card (per thermostat) each year you participate. Annual eGift cards are typically sent around October Bill credits at $1.25 per kWh reduced during an event compared to your normal use
Program Period June – September *

PeakRewards devices are required to respond to PJM Emergency Events which can be called outside of “core hours” and can be activated May – October
June – September June – September
Number of events per Summer season (June – September) Up to 3 events + 1 PJM In-Season Test Event Up to 14 adjustment events Up to 3

For information on BGE’s standard rate and information on how to have pricing based on time of use, please visit:


No, you are not required to be enrolled in PeakRewards or Connected Rewards to participate in Energy Savings Days, but being enrolled in either program allows you to receive additional rewards. While PeakRewards is not accepting new enrollments, the Connect Rewards program is. Sign up today! 

For more general questions and information, please visit our General Program Question page